Tech Articles / How-To's: Replacing fuel filter (fuel injected models)

Disclaimer: The articles below apply to most 5.0 Mustangs, but in particular hold true for '93 models. Please be cautious when doing on work on your car - these instructions are meant to be pointers and not the end all truth - I do not make any claims to their accuracy and will not be held responsible for anything that may go wrong while following the articles below. If you choose to follow these instructions, you do so at your own risk.

  1. Jack up rear of car
  2. In trunk, locate full cutoff (in hatch, is under rear panel)
  3. Unhook little cable below cutoff
  4. Get in car, start it up until runs dry (repeat a couple of times)
  5. This will relieve pressure from lines
  6. Locate the fuel filter, which should be just in front of the fuel tank
  7. Release hose clips by pushing them upward off of the hose
  8. Slowly release each hose - be cautious as gas may still be in the lines
  9. Undo bolts or clamp from fuel filter
  10. Lift out old filter, noting direction - once again be cautious, as fuel will likely be in filter
  11. Place new filter in proper location, making sure flow direction matches that of the old one
  12. It is easier to reconnect the hoses first, using the supplied clips
  13. Make sure the hoses are on tight, as a fire may result if not
  14. Bolt/clamp down filter into place.
  15. If you wish, lower rear of car, but keeping it up will make checking for leaks easier
  16. Reconnect fuel cutoff sensor cable
  17. Press the "reset" button on the emergency cutoff sensor (often is red, has arrow pointing to it on sensor)
  18. Turn keys in ignition to let pump start and prime lines
  19. Start car and let it run while you check the rear for leaks - if you see any leaks, immediately cut engine off and check hose connections

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